Whatever projects you plan on taking, you can estimate them here

Estimatess.io, powered by statistical analysis and industry researches, guides development teams through the process of creating structured, data-driven and informative estimates for further wise decision-making.

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Technologies form your knowledgebase with commonly re-used project work.
The higher the coefficient — the more time developer will require to deliver the project. Estimate of the project will be increased/decreased respective to the PC of assigned developers. Think of it as, junior developer needs 2x time to deliver the project (what makes his PC = 2), while senior developer will handle the project during half of the needed time (i.e. his PC =0.5).
Grab all project files in one place for a complete context for estimation.
Seamlessly build your estimate without distracting on switching windows.
Share your estimate online or as a document.
Turn your estimate into actionable items by exporting directly to your project tracking tools.


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